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Our Road freight services are designed to offer a cost effective method of receiving and delivering goods within the country. Our road haulage service offers a number of advantages over other forms of deliveries. Firstly goods are collected from the shipper's premises and delivered directly to the customer's premises or warehouse.


As an all-in-one package, our trans-border service takes care of all documentation and shipping. Whether it be 'Less than Trailer Load' (LTL), 'Full Trailer Load' (FTL), assembly or consolidation programs, we are able to design a cross-border freight service to suit your needs.

As a result of trade liberalization among ECOWAS member states  and its influences, there has been an increase in intra-regional trans border trade and investment activities

The volume of trade between Ghana and other Ecowas countries  has therefore increased and has created more opportunities for traders in the region.  In response to this, Teamwork Freight Services has developed programs dedicated to optimizing the benefits of being an Ecowas resident.


Trans-border Services

Cost Effective
Dedicated Service for Moving Goods between Ghana and the Ecowas member states.
All-inclusive Invoicing
Surface Freight
Over 20 years of experience

 We have specialists in a position to quickly assess the needs of your shipment. Our service can also be contracted on a consultancy basis. We can have one of our personnel assist you in a hands-on manner providing on-site assistance as required

    As with all of our services, Trans-border Services provides you with cargo consolidation options. Matching your cargo with those destined for the same region can offer significant savings on your freight costs... our experience has found that nearly 65% of all shipments can benefit from some form of consolidation. As a freight forwarder handling hundreds of shipments annually, Teamwork Freight Servicess is in an ideal position to provide cost-effective transportation by consolidating whenever possible.

Consider using Teamwork Freight Services We have the people and the expertise to maximize your trade opportunities within the ECOWAS sub-region

Cost-effective solutions for companies shipping goods within the Ecowas sub-region, Teamwork simplifies the process of shipping goods within the sub-region  While every shipment is unique in its requirements, here is a general overview of how most shipments are handled:




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All our Services are performed under The  Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders  Standard Trading Conditions